My name is Kassandra, I am from Brazil and I am 30 years old. I don’t have a profession but I have always worked as a secretary.

The truth today may have been the day that living in this new reality has the hardest I’ve ever experienced. Above all, I have been struck by the uncertainty of what real life is going to be like and when we can look back and keep the masks in a drawer so that we will never use them in our daily.

It gives me heartache for my children Sara and Daniel (they are 6 and 5 years old) and the world in which they have to grow up. It gives me heartache for the millions of dreams that today are an unoccupied business because they do not have clients, for the plans and dreams that I had, and for all of the people, the families separated due to this pandemic. Families that are separated because they could not coexist in harmony, and living situations that I can’t even imagine, I guess we’ve all been through days like this!

However, I have found peace-making chocolate, is a project that I created 6 or 7 years ago but that I had forgotten, and in the midst of this situation, I decided to resume it since I do not have a permanent job but had a lot of free time. So I decided to start again, which has made me happy because my mind is busy. I feel fulfilled as a professional and I’m proud to resume and continue this project which I started a few years ago from zero and with a lot of effort, but that I had put it aside because I felt that this project had no future. And now I think that with a lot of dedication and perseverance and a lot of positivity, it can be a success.

So I have dedicated myself to making recipes that I have found on the internet and also I had forgotten about recipes that I had made years ago as a chocolate shop. I have been successful melting dark chocolate and filling it with delicious things – it is all good therapy. These are with homemade peanut butter and also homemade jam.

I hope my experience is motivating for the people on this website, and that somehow it has reached their hearts to remind them that although there are bad days, it is only one day. Life is the color you want to paint it.