We do our best to save lives daily. But this novel coronavirus, it’s a nightmare for everyone. It’s something that could kill everybody especially if there’s no cure to it yet.

I have been working in a hospital as a nurse for almost 20 years and I have never thought that even I, the one trying to save lives, would be needing to save my own life too. I took care of patients that tested positive on coronavirus. Even with protective gear and such, you can never tell when or if you’re gonna get the virus or not.

I felt sick, physically and emotionally, before I completely decided to quarantine myself too. I have a toddler and I got so scared that if I ever have the virus in me, my family will get infected that’s why I decided to take care of myself too. So far I’m feeling better, and I’m on my 12th day of quarantine. The city is on lockdown. We’re afraid to go out but if there’s a need to, only one will.

This is something I would never forget in my life. COVID-19 has brought us a global change from living a normal life. And as a nurse, I hope everybody would understand the reason why we must stay home. It’s for everyone’s safety. That’s the second-best we can do, prayer is the first. We’ll get through this.