I always loved the pause button. The notion of making my favorite scene from a movie coming to a standstill has always intrigued me. Little did I know, life in its full inexplicable glory would hit the pause button this time.

It was in January when I had finally completed my Final Professional Exams in Med School. The result was published in March, and at last, I could give out a sigh of relief. It was my time to relish in the new life as an intern doctor. That’s when life hit me with the most ironic plot twist ever. A virus pandemic! I now was stuck at home with enough time to dig up my age-old paintbrushes. Instead of inserting a cannula, I was now clearing out my junk-filled dressing table.

I am an extreme workaholic by nature, so in the initial days of the lockdown, I would find myself anxious to find some work, be it as trivial as it could be. But gradually as I adapted to this newfound situation, I started appreciating the unlimited time I could spend with my family, after long 4 years of staying away. The chance to rekindle my art page on social media, the chance to gossip about the littlest of issues with my mum, the chance to bask in the summer sun after finishing a huge pile of laundry seemed like a form of relief.

That being said, every day that my father or I had to step out to get the daily necessities seemed like a day full of tension. As I write this article, the number of people affected is on the rise in my country. It’s also the holy month of Ramadan now; we fast and prepare iftari and as a whole pray for this virus to perish. But still, to be fortunate enough to be with family, to see my loved ones healthy on the other side of a mobile screen is enough for now.

Maybe this ‘pause’ button will lead me to a world I am better prepared for. Maybe….