My name is Cathy and I live in Victoria, Australia. Early last year I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease and am still unsure of what my future holds. Hearing of the coronavirus and how it would place vulnerable people such as myself in more danger, terrified me.

I made sure I had minimal contact with people when I had to venture outside to do things like getting medication or groceries, which took on a whole new adventure. There were so many rules to going outside that were very confronting. We had trouble getting the necessities that we took for granted as the hoarders took more than their share and left nothing.

Recently I was placed on immune suppressants and antibiotics making me that much more vulnerable than before. So staying inside and away from others was more important than ever. Although in that time I have moved properties. I am isolated in my own place where I don’t venture out unless necessary. A wonderful friend bought me all the groceries I could need to start up with. I do have to venture out for food occasionally but I have to be extra careful in doing so. I’ll be ok as long as I continue to do the right thing for me and everyone around me and the people I pass by outside.

I honestly feel that whenever life returns, it will never be normal again for a lot of people. Some got to experience a break from working day in and day out. Some got to appreciate their families instead of spending so much time apart. Some didn’t get that luxury and still had to work as their job was essential. To each and every one of you, thank you.