COVID-19 for me has absolutely disturbed my life. I live in Francistown Botswana and when this disease started, it was just overseas and I never thought it would come to our country and cause us a lot of problems.

When it was announced that we would be having a lockdown the company I work for had to close leaving its employees wondering if things would go back to normal. So many questions I have asked myself but above all, I wonder, How long will it last? It’s really bad we are all worried. How will we manage without an income? Some have lost their jobs, we are now living in hiding of something we can not see. No one is to blame for this disease, but what can we do?

‘Kimathatha’ oh what a big problem we have in our lives now. It is too much to even think about and each time I hear that the number of cases is increasing I get scared and worried.

My country is on a 28-day lockdown and most of us thought that after 28 days it will all be over and whilst on 28 days lockdown it was debated and agreed by the government that there will probably extend it for the next six months and this news has made things worse! How?  What six months with bills to pay, insurance, and so forth?

Even with the government pledging to care for people we still won’t be able to have our freedom, oh this COVID-19 what an illness that has come to destroy our lives, now we can only talk with our family and friends on phones and cannot meet each other even for drinks. I just hope all this will be over soon.