Right now, in the world, we are in a fight for our lives against the coronavirus. It has affected many people’s lives including myself. We are now under lockdown and this lockdown is endless. It affected us socially as most of the opportunities out there become harder for us to discover and explore. It basically deprived us of human rights to socialize and self-improvement. It doesn’t affect my work, since I can still work at home but I trust it will sometime, should the pandemic still go on and on.

I’m afraid for the people who are financially in trouble; I see how people are struggling in their life to get food supplies and essentials from the store. I experienced this when I intended to stock up supplies for a month instead of a week. It didn’t end up well due to the lack of supplies and the crowds in the store. To overcome this, my dad and I decided to give a hand by supplying food and drinks to some people in the rural areas. We hope this might help them through this hardship.

I can barely remember the last time I could really breathe in the fresh air and relax during a vacation. Most of my plans were canceled and deferred due to the lockdowns in our country. I felt my right of amenity and enjoyment being deprived and couldn’t help but just stay at home.

I had never felt how priceless it is until everyone had to just stop their work, just stay at home, and go nowhere except to spend time together at home. It’s been a while since our family really communicated and got to know each other deeper. This has been a good opportunity for us to build a stronger bond among family. We cook, we eat, we laugh and we make sure each of us stays healthy. For the young children, they need more companionship compared to us as they were at the stage of growth and they must interact more with others. I’ve assisted them with their homework and online classes just to motivate them through this tough time.

Despite being afraid of how this event may become the worst, I believe that my friends who get infected with COVID-19 will recover soon and we’ll keep in contact until this coronavirus is over. Never let your mind go to the dark side; for now, stay home, stay faithful, keep praying, and together we will fight against this pandemic.