Death sentence to elders (and that includes my parents), delivered in a package labelled lockdown. As usual, our aged parents depend on us, the youth, for several supplies and that includes their medication. Let me only talk about medication even though there are many other issues of substance.

First of all, my parents are on long-term use of medication for aged people. With lockdown, many pharmacies closed down and those that were available tripled the price of the medication, that is fine no problem. The problem arose when the medicine had to be transported to my parents, both public and private vehicles could not move, and there was no means to get the medication to them. I felt my parents would die of other causes other than the dreaded COVID-19.
One had to get an RDC(Residential District Commissioner) letter to travel and a medical personnel had to be in the vehicle, we did that but it came with a price. In the beginning, it would cost me $1.30 to deliver the packages, this time it cost me $200 to get the medicine to them. Now, this meant I had to cut down the budget for my own family, so no power, no DSTV, rationed food, I salute madam, she is a heroine.

The sorrow continued as I saw my friends closing down their businesses with no hopes of other sources of income, I kept worrying about me being next to lose my source of income, who would take care of my newborn daughter?
On the good side, I have learned a lot of lessons that I was never taught in school, and am grateful to know that we are on our own, the system only gains from our tears, sorrows, and agony. When things are normal and okay, they still enforce the affliction. With this knowledge, I will be working hard to support my family and community for God.