COVID-19 really hit me hard. It hasn’t been half a year since I went to the US to work as a J1 Intern, a cook in one of the resorts of Florida. I went here to be able to earn experience and money for my family. I lost my job and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have enough money. How can I pay my rent, my loan? My housemates and workmates are also problematic. We had great plans ahead of us but this happened. The whole industry is affected.

I am losing my mind, I don’t know how to start again in the middle of this pandemic. It surely ruined a lot but I am thankful for my family who stayed by my side and supported me. I may not receive any support from the government or the company but I am making a living now. Good thing I found a job in one of the re-packing services. I met a lot of people who share the same sentiments.

One step at a time. I will eventually have a comeback and make everyone proud. I wish this will end soon, I can’t wait to go back to my family. I miss them so much.