I am Mahinur A. from Bangladesh. I am a student of B.SC final year. My final year exams were running and almost reaching the end. But the final three exams are postponed due to the COVID-19. Now, I am waiting and waiting when the COVID-19 problem will go away.

I am a part-time tutor in different houses. But due to COVID-19, I have to stay indoors. I am however trying my best to give my students regular support via online classes so that they don’t fail in the next exam.

Every shop is locked down due to the COVID-19. But the important shops such as grocery shops, medical shops, and others are open. Our country is locked down for about a month. But the COVID-19 spreads too much. Now, I don’t know when everything will be normal again. The low-middle economy people suffer most from COVID-19. Because the poor are getting funds from the government and different NGOs. But the low-middle economy people don’t know where to go. Because of their reputation in the society as a middle economy.

I want to finish my story with some small words, don’t just help the poor. Make your eyes open for the low-middle economy neighbors of yours also.