I am Miriam A., born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. I work at the only international airport in the country which had to be closed due to the pandemic.

If someone had told me I would ever get tired of sleeping I would have laughed at them. For someone who is a workaholic, I got a challenge at the beginning of the lockdown. I am one of those who are addicted to a schedule, not so proud of that. It’s either school, or work, or business, or a thing that I have to do or something I have to get to. The COVID-19 lockdown has really been a reality check for me. Everything literally slowed down. I had to face one of the things I try so hard to avoid, just being still and surviving. I think that’s the best thing one can do in this season. The goal is to get out of this lockdown safe, healthy, and mentally sane.

On April 15, the government added 21 more days to the lockdown on top of the previous 14 days. It’s day 23 of lockdown, I don’t only want to count the days, I want to make the days count. Research shows that someone can learn a new skill in 21 days. Well, yours truly is baking, learning to play the guitar, learning a new language, connecting with friends and family, nurturing my spirit and soul. While at the same time hoping for the best to come out of all of this.

*For God and my country*