I hope this story I tell you can be one for the historical records, read by the next generations of people who will be born. May my story be part of the sad situation of humanity when the COVID-19 tragedy attacked humans in this century.

My name is Rahmat H., living in Jakarta and working in a government company called PT. Adhi Karya, Tbk.

Last March, I was scheduled to have a wedding with my future wife named Dita N., in Jakarta. But God wills differently. We can only marry according to Islam. Finally a wedding reception scheduled for March 22 at the Graha Jala Puspita building was canceled until an uncertain time this was due to the outbreak of COVID-19. All costs for the preparation and implementation of the wedding reception are lost, such as costs for making invitations, catering, organizers of the wedding and others.

Even so, among the many losses that I experienced, I am still grateful. I am thankful to God, because I was still given good things, such as being healthy and marrying in Islam. My gratitude is getting stronger when I see and hear on television news about the sufferings of others who have no food and other means of life. I am now more diligent in praying and asking God, so that this disaster will soon pass and will not appear again.

For the children of men who will be born, know that what our generation is experiencing right now is completely unexpected. The COVID-19 disaster was more frightening than the World War. One main thing that may be expected by all humans at this time -do not let humanity disappear from the face of the earth.