My name is Javeria. I am a housewife. I live in Bahawalpur (Pakistan). I remember well that it was the last days of February, my son told me something strange. He said all the schools might be closed in few days including their school. I thought that was impossible because annual examinations were about to begin around that time.

But within two days, a notification was issued from the school that Montessori and pre-primary students had been promoted without taking any assessment or examination. Holidays were announced for pre-primary classes. However, annual examinations of primary classes and middle classes were held. Students were given holidays as soon as they did their last written examination.

The government announced to impose lockdown and suddenly we had to stay in our houses for the next 15 days. Many people around us became unemployed. Our government took as many steps as possible to help the poor and needy. We also helped many people around us. But it seemed, it was impossible to look after each and every single person. As many culprits were taking advantage of our sympathies and doing nothing on their own to help themselves. Instead, they were feeding themselves at government resources as well as they were taking benefits from people like us.

After a long time, the family has a chance to spend time with each other. We all study together and have fun together. But my children miss their school and friends a lot. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were some good things too where there were many problems. Like…we learned how to help and support each other. We learned our family is the most important part of our life. We learned that the most superior is only God. We should ask Allah to help us in every difficulty and pray to Him.

I hope that we will find a solution to this issue as soon as possible. And our children will be able to go to school once again. Thank You!