Due to coronavirus, many businesses collapsed even the worldwide economy was affected. Countries like Pakistan, which are not much economically stable got into a worse situation. For instance, due to lockdown, many poor people did not get work to earn for their family, moreover social and religious gatherings are banned. In addition to this, I am Muslim and we are banned to pray in Mosques; that is very heartbreaking for me.

Quarantine proved to be quite helpful for me. I’ve enough time to spend time with myself which has helped me a lot in overcoming anxiety and depression. As Masjids (Mosques) are closed due to virus, we start praying in our home. Despite all this, I also start cooking and try to make aftari (as this is was during the holy month of Ramadan) because this current situation just gives me depression sometimes. I also learn to survive without my wishes fulfilled because due to lockdown we are unable to do or get anything.

I learned that I enjoy doing house chores way more than I thought. Before all this, my house would always be a mess. I didn’t do anything honestly; my family did the best to manage the housework. I was lazy but I am loving it right now. I deep cleaned my whole house!”

I also learned many things about our history by reading different books in my free time. By this, I became able to know that what we have lost and what we have gained. I believe that even when this world is free of coronavirus, our lives will not be the same as they were before!