My name is Fauzan. Male, 27 years old. I live in the village of Bonder, Central Lombok.

Last August 28, one of our villagers was infected with the coronavirus. As a result, other residents were afraid, so they moved to their homes in other villages. This was due to the news that the government would conduct a SWAB test on all residents. This information caused residents to feel worried and afraid because many residents are afraid of being caught as carriers of the coronavirus so that medical measures such as isolation and others will be required.

As many as 300 residents fled to family homes in various villages. This raised new problems such as shelter and necessities of life. The government also found it difficult to supervise. My wife and I and 2 children also fled. I am afraid of social scandals if I don’t follow other people’s decisions.

Finally, I invited my wife and two children to flee to Batu Keliang Village, about 30 kilometers from Bonder. I brought the necessities, clothes, and rice. In a family place, we were accepted and given a small and simple bed space. We did not dare to go out because we were worried that it would cause fear to other residents.

In these times we really experienced suffering and hardship. Not everyone in this new place would understand our situation. For daily meals, we only rely on the rice we bring and buy telus for side dishes. We don’t know what will happen when our rice runs out. May God speed up eliminating this coronavirus disaster. That is my greatest hope at this time, as well as everyone’s safety.