Day after day, I miss my childhood. Everything was so bright, I did not worry about anything and everything in my family was in harmony. Today I am 40 years old and with the chaotic situation in my country Venezuela, there is nothing more intimidating than the pandemic that haunts us.

My name is Sebastián and every day that passes seems to be a nightmare with the COVID-19 in our lives. It has become a dire shadow; we do not have the basic elements to protect ourselves and our food is deficient. In short, the quality of life, day by day is precarious. Every day I remember those yearned for school days, when I shared with my friends and my family, nothing was missing and we had everything we needed.

Due to the economic recession in my country, our family life has been difficult, but until now we have sacrificed ourselves to continue our family union, but with this pandemic, we are filled with fears. We thought of going with some relatives we have in Panama, but due to air restrictions we were unable to travel and each time our concern increases due to the pressing needs of our family.

How I would like to stop time, return to the past and erase all these sufferings that afflict us and not see my parents suffer for all this chaotic situation increased by the pandemic. Also, hope and faith have disappeared; at some dawn, I would like to open my eyes again and believe that this has ended, to think that it was a bad dream.

Although our situation has been difficult due to the economy of our country, we had health and freedom to go for a walk, to pray, and take refuge in our games with my friends; We can not do any of this since we can catch the coronavirus and we do not have medicines. The fear of contagion leads us to long for past times and continue to be refugees in our memories to avoid this depressing reality for our humanity.