Who would believe that in the middle of a pandemic, my greatest dream and blessing would come? My daughter Juliana who today is in my arms and looks beautiful and beautiful already 50 days old. My name is Luis R., I live in Pernambuco. I am an independent worker, I work as a surveying assistant and in my spare time, I take care of my animals on my farm.

This difficult situation, generated by the arrival of the COVID-19, is uncertain and every day the time to protect ourselves and therefore not being able to go out to work to obtain our livelihood increases. I live with my mother, (she is an older adult) my wife, and my beautiful baby. I must get the money to buy food. Although nothing has been missing so far, I am beginning to worry that a culmination of this virus is not in sight either because of the discovery of a vaccine or something that attenuated it.

Fortunately, the smile of my little girl focuses me on continuing despite all the difficulties and starting the project, together with some friends to improve the farm, with the construction of a greenhouse and the adaptation of some fish ponds and shed for new poultry, always focusing on the production of healthy food. We must continue, there is no going back, we must continue, and more when we have acquired the commitment of a daughter. I must strive to provide her with a better future.

Every day I comply with the biosafety regulations, strictly complying with asepsis and the use of various implements to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 since we all must take care of ourselves and have a responsibility with all the people who live around us.

Many things have changed, nothing is the same, but we must adapt according to our circumstances and improve every day despite as many difficulties as those that plague us now. I’m 38 years old, I had not experienced something so complicated, you feel the loss of freedom and total mistrust with the people around us, but fortunately, our dreams and illusions have not castrated us and we have the most valuable thing that is our life and our loved ones.