Do you know what’s harder than starting a business? Starting a business during the COVID-19 global pandemic. My name is Robert B., and this is my story of how a virus was the best thing that happened to my company.

I had started my financial company in February of 2020; my licenses were in good standing, my background check was clean as a whistle, and I was ready to help families! I drove to and from appointments, on a good day I might even meet with three families. Of course, getting a financial plan is not like just ordering a burger at a drive-thru, policies had to be mailed back and forth, on several occasions we had to schedule meetings at the firm or a coffee shop and this would be done several times before we could close a deal.

Then there was the training! As a new agent at a prestigious firm, I would drive all the time to and from for our training. Then COVID-19 hit and everything changed! We never did business online; you have to understand the financial industry was about as old-fashioned as your ancient grandmother and just as resistant to change. But being deemed an essential service meant we had to find a way to still meet with clients and protect people.

Enter the “ZOOM Era.” While obviously not new technology, it was definitely new to us. Suddenly, we could schedule back-to-back meetings with no drive time! We could meet with clients all over the country! The firm exploded, from three states to 33 states, we helped an additional 488% of families. Carriers began to mail forms electronically, entire processes were ramped up.

COVID-19 changed everything for our industry, and it was the best thing to happen to my business.