So it started with hearing in the news that COVID-19 was in faraway China, I was like no problem, the place is far, I’m in Europe it cannot reach me.

Shortly after…. the news broke, 2 cases have been discovered in the far North of Italy, gradually the numbers began to increase and it came with the fear of “what next”? Schools, malls, gyms, churches, restaurants, playgrounds closed, and food shops reduced their opening hours. The new normal came with increased palpitations and gradually we lived the days with so much anxiety and uncertainty. The streets became empty and mobile phones became the only avenue to keep in touch with reality and to call friends and families.

The government announced lockdown after lockdown after lockdown, each with strict measures, we stayed indoors for 2 months, then the ease came. The long-awaited news of the disease having plateaued and the numbers began to gradually reduce. Finally! The end seemed here, we could finally breathe, my children truly smiled, the fear of coronavirus began to gradually fade, we could call the barber to get a haircut and proper hairdo. They didn’t have to pop vitamin C into their mouths again. They could actually take a stroll to the shop.

Our lives were gradually getting back to normal. Except that they still had to have school online, and the much-awaited high school graduation, my daughter had looked forward to so much, now had to be done behind the laptop screen…!
But we are grateful! We came out of the pandemic alive, strong, and healthy…