I am Chilean, an engineer, 29 years old, and what defines me as a person I have seen has been partially truncated by what this pandemic brought us. I love to travel and discover new places, cultures that cultivate me and complement my personality, but these places are not always physical.

From the age of 17 and due to life circumstances, I learned to live alone and use my own resources, which on many occasions led me to investigate within myself and that obviously brought learning.

Unfortunately, knowing physical places and new people is no longer possible due to the quarantine that affects my country, but this forced me to continue to know places in my mind and learn new skills and close many pending things such as learning a language or explore some passions like photography.

Living alone for many people affects them negatively, however, in my case I have been able to take advantage of it and I started many things that I sometimes postponed for work, or simply due to “lack of time.”¬†Currently, I am without work like thousands of people in my country and many others, and for some more than others, living without income is very difficult.

I think I share with everyone the wish that this ends soon, in order to continue with the “normality” that suits us so much, but personally, I will not return to that normality being the same or less than before (spiritually and professionally speaking)

“No calm sea made a sailor an expert”