I got back from a journey on 28th January 2021. I had gone to the neighbouring Kwara State to supervise Polio Outbreak Response Immunization activities. The State had a significantly higher number of COVID-19 cases than my state, so I took extra precautions.

I work in the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health in my state, Ekiti State and I have been at the forefront of the response there. I was at work on Friday and Sunday afternoon. By Sunday evening, I was feeling serious body pains. I had treated malaria over the Christmas holidays and I was not expecting to get another bout so soon. By Monday 1st February 2021, the pains were getting unbearable. And since I was at work, I went to take the test and went into self-isolation.

The results came out on the 3rd and I went into the Isolation Center. After a discussion with the doctor, I opted for home management. For one, I still needed to work and I couldn’t also leave my children alone in the house. Initially, I wanted to panic as I am on anti-hypertensive medications. But I had to tell myself, “Bosede calm down. You are the one who breaks the news to people who tested positive and you calm them down. You will make it.” So I calmed down and my children also went to take the test. Fortunately, they tested negative. My colleagues at work also took the test and one of them tested positive.

Interestingly, I was still disseminating results and counseling people, and reassuring them. I was also doing my routine office works remotely for home.

The doctor came thrice to check my vitals and everything was okay. Apart from the body pains which reached my scalp, I was fine. I never lost my sense of smell and taste, but I lost my appetite on the 4th day. The doctor said it was due to the zinc I was taking. I had a bit of insomnia and I had to take warm baths before I could sleep. I was also extremely weak and I got tired easily. I was a bit of an introvert and I was not bored throughout. Music, prayers, Netflix, and social media were my companions throughout the 17 days of Isolation. I tested on the 8th and I was still positive. I took another test on the 15th day and the result came back negative. I received negative results on the 17th day and I resumed work the same day.

The unique thing about my case was that I am responsible for disseminating results and it was funny getting the results and seeing my name there. It was a little bit surreal.

It took me about a month to get my appetite and weight back, but I’m grateful to have survived it. It brought about clarity to my life and I now look at life from a softer perspective. We should be grateful for every new day and enjoy every moment.