Since my last years of university, I had planned to start my postgraduate degree in international law in June 2020, and I had to postpone this dream due to COVID-19. The University of Cambridge has suggested a virtual study to us, but my parents and friends insist that it is better to wait and start my higher studies next year. Meanwhile, they advise me to continue working as a lawyer in my city.

I currently reside in Lima and studied law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and I work as a lawyer in a law firm here in Lima. But I am absorbed in my dreams, I want to be one of the best lawyers in Peru, focused on true justice, so I would love to specialize in international law and focus on gender equality.

I recently spoke with Maria, one of my childhood friends, I was mired in sadness because her parents had a beauty salon that was the one that provided for their livelihood and due to the pandemic they had to close it, leading to financial problems and not being able to start her university career, neither this nor next year. Fortunately, my parents are pensioners and do not depend economically on me, but nostalgia invades me when I think of people who do not have the necessary resources to survive.

It would be gratifying if we returned to our lives and that this pandemic does not cause further delays in our projects and economic stagnation for so many families who live from commerce and remain closed to their premises, as we can see here in the capital, and throughout Peru. Since we are a country that largely lives on tourism, foreign people visit us to learn about our cultural riches and our incredible landscapes.