Quarantine has led me to different situations of irritability, frustration, depression, and anxiety.

Since I had never been locked up for so long, the word monotony did not exist in my vocabulary. I have always been a very active woman, I do not like routine, I try to do different things so as to not fall into a routine. For this reason, I have never wanted to work in an office. I have always thought that the years go by without living them, my philosophy of life is “work to live, not live to work.” This is why since I finished my studies at my university, I decided to work as an independent, and this has allowed me to have my own time.

However, my lifestyle has radically changed since this pandemic. I cannot travel as I would like, I had a physical business in my city, a small restaurant. I had to close since the measures imposed by the government do not allow me to open the doors to the public. So I was going to waste and decided to close it. At least I will for this year.

So although I am very grateful for life to have health, my financial part has changed radically. I have had to reduce my expenses, I cannot travel, I have not been able to buy the same things as before, which has generated quite a bit of irritability. There are days that I can’t find myself, that I don’t know what’s happening to me, I’m very hot.

At the same time, it has generated great uncertainty since I do not want to become financially dependent on my family, nor ask for a loan from a bank. But if things don’t improve, I won’t be able to open my business again. I just hope there is a prompt vaccine for this virus and we can all get on with our lives. Sure, with the teaching of this of course, but I hope I can return to resume with my dreams and goals.