I just got off the car about 6.00 pm and my phone rang repeatedly. I had an uneasy feeling because last week my grandmother just got admitted into the intensive care unit after testing positive for COVID-19. I picked up that call and I heard “Miss, I’m the doctor on duty to treat and monitor your grandmother while you’re here. Right now your grandmother is having severe shortness of breath and we have to put her in a coma. We hope you can be patient and can give her a few words now.”

I lost my words while my tears were falling down very quickly. I couldn’t talk, not even a single word. Can you just imagine how terrible my condition was at that time? I had just got back from doing some research regarding my thesis. I don’t know for how long I had been pensive and I only realized after the doctor called out my name. What I could say, that was a nightmare for me and I could not sleep for few days.

This incident somehow gave me goosebumps and I slowly became paranoid of going out. At first, my grandmother only had a fever but just three days after that she had already started showing symptoms of severe shortness of breath. A week before my grandmother had the fever, we went out to eat at a restaurant inside a mall. That was the first time I took my grandmother out after being at home for so long because I had been worried about the state of the country.

Sometimes I feel sorry for taking her out because if it hadn’t been for me, she wouldn’t have wanted to come out. Additional cases were on the rise at the time. But whatever the power, none of us will ever know what will happen in our lives. Today, I sincerely accept my grandmother’s departure.