My experience started with fatigue which then turned into a cardiac problem with the feeling of fainting. My heart felt like it was not beating correctly and pain in the chest, arms, and back. After three days, this turned into shortness of breath. I went to the urgent center and was told oxygen was fine and to go home and rest. I Isolated as they said it was COVID-19? No test was done.

Next week symptoms were drenching night sweats and a strange feeling in my body along with pounding headaches. Still felt I was having a heart attack. Had put myself on aspirin daily and took Tylenol for headache and body discomforts. Drank detox tea and any other decaf tea I had and lots of water along with coconut water to hydrate myself and not strain my heart further. Doses of Vitamin C, D, Zinc, B12, and garlic became the ritual. Gargled 4 times a day with salt water. Also added apple cider vinegar to my morning tea and started probiotics. I feel doing this kept me from crashing. When it started attacking my respiration and causing symptoms of inflammation and mucus. I did breathing exercises and a spirometer to help my lungs open. Did develop small fluid on right lower lung with thickening of both lungs. At this point I had someone do some chest PT on my back to move anything in order to cough it out.

The second visit to UCC was given an inhaler to help open airways and the wheezing as well as singular. Never had used this before since I don’t have asthma. It seemed to help a bit. It at least eased my mind that there was something to open my airway. During the next 6 weeks, symptoms got better for two or three days and it would start all over again. At times it would also affect my stomach. Not sure if related to the virus or the acid buildup from not eating right and laying down mostly. Got a rocking chair and started using it to move fluid around which seemed to help.

When I found the strength to do it when better I would walk in place a bit too. Just for 2 minutes a few times a day. Making sure circulation was being addressed too since this seems to cause clots. Not sure how much good I did but again I felt I needed to move around to avoid other issues. Had a daughter with two lung transplants and I remember how important it was to get her out of bed and expand her lungs and move fluids around for as tired as she was, hoping to not create other problems.

I’m now in 8 weeks and feel pretty ok but it is still with me. When I do too much by day 3 or 4 I start to feel some discomfort in my body and my eyes feel extremely heavy. My chest area still feels irritated. My husband cooked spicy food and I developed a severe cough from it something that has never happened before. The next few days I felt like I had bronchitis and in pain. Back to Tylenol and some cough medicine. This confirmed that my inflammation is still there and very sensitive to anything in the air.

Concerned about getting exposure to anything else going around back to UCC, they put me on methylprednisone for 6 days. Felt the difference on day one but still feel my chest in some throbbing and discomfort but my lungs no longer feel like balloons inside of me. Started Tylenol today (June 5th) and on day 3 of the meds. Hoping, reaching, and praying this works.

I was never tested; was told there weren’t enough to test everyone but confirmed with doctors that I had the symptoms for it as there were many with the same. Wish they had tested me. At this point, I’m over it don’t care to test since I keep reading much false test info. I work from home and stay away from my family so there is no real reason to test at this point. Treating it like any other virus I have had.

I rely on groups like this one which gives me an insight into what others experience, their concerns, and findings. I see this as just enough information to know I’m not alone and educate myself on anything new that is taking place. Also, I’m so tired of the few I have said anything to which are very few only because I don’t like the constant questions as they always try to convince me that maybe it’s anxiety what I’m having??? Having to justify each time that this is not that and the fear of dying when your oxygen is low and you can’t talk or even move because you are too weak or feel like your heart is going to give up is not normal. This is NOT anxiety. Been through enough in my life to know the difference. Also, I consider myself a very strong-willed person who can run into the fire at any crisis and relatively healthy. I’m not on any medications unless I get an infection and need antibiotics. Aside from that, it’s only multivitamins.

Thank you for sharing your information. I value it more than talking to anyone who has not experienced this.