Hello everyone, I am Biplov A. from Kathmandu, Nepal. I want to share with you my COVID-19 experience.

My father works in the government office. Only a few people had to work outside during this pandemic, my father was one of them. He had to leave the house to go to work in the field every single day. We were always scared for his health. If you work outside during the pandemic, there was always a chance of catching the virus. He was also scared of returning home every single day. He felt guilty about likely transferring those viruses to us. Luckily he did not have any COVID-19 during this time. Sometimes he also had to go outside of the city for a week at a time.

We have been hearing frontline workers have been harassed by people in their society in news outlets. But we were lucky to have an understanding society that understood what my father was doing. It was not easy to send him to work every day but then it was also his duty to help people from this unfortunate pandemic. Some of his colleagues tested positive, so he also had to stay in quarantine for some time. Since everything like this was new, we were all scared and worried but thankfully he tested negative.

My father has still been involved with helping people regarding the COVID-19 situation. Recently the government has started giving the vaccine to frontline workers so he has also been vaccinated now.