I am 60 years old, I am retired, my name is Folco and  I am Italian.

Although my father was already an old man (87 years old), I wanted him to never miss me. The day of his death was very sad and needless to say, his funeral, my brothers -there 4 are altogether-  are in other countries and were unable to attend his funeral. I never thought that due to a disease called COVID-19 it would not be possible, that we would meet next to my father’s coffin. It has been disastrous all this time of the pandemic. My father, fortunately, did not suffer from a painful disease, his death was from one day to the next, he was assisted at home, his death was due to a heart attack.

At the funeral I attended together with my wife, his friends did not attend due to the protocols that operate today, and I think for fear of contagion. It is inevitable to feel fear when we go out and more when we are older adults.

I hope to spend my last years of life, on an isolated farm with my wife; I have reflected in all this time and I concluded that we must move away from the city and live calmer breathing fresh air and taking refuge in nature.

I do not know how long this nostalgia will last, but with each passing day, my father’s absence increases. This nightmare of COVID-19 has us very limited and eager for all this to end soon and although everything will not be the same again, at least I miss the freedom to move and rejoin the family, although there will be a great void.