Hello readers, hope you’ll always be healthy. I want to tell you about the condition of my grandfather who was convicted of COVID-19 even though he was not infected with the virus. I want to introduce myself. My name is Karlina, usually called Lina, living in Ampenan, Lombok Island.

This story began when COVID-19 became a big problem in the world and especially around where I live. My grandfather, Hasan, is 72 years old. The disease he has had for a long time is a respiratory disorder -bronchitis.┬áBut a very sad situation happened to us. To be precise on August 18, 2020, my grandfather had a relapse of his asthma/bronchitis. The family took grandpa to the health care center. But my grandfather was convicted of COVID-19. Finally, the medical officer put my grandfather in an isolation room where no one else was allowed to accompany him. This situation made the whole family panic and didn’t know what to do. My father argued with the medical staff, explaining that my grandfather had suffered from asthma for a long time. So it’s not suddenly now and my family was not sure if grandpa has COVID-19.

The argument did not produce things that my family wanted. My grandfather remained in isolation in a special room for COVID-19 patients.┬áThe sad thing happened. My grandfather was pronounced dead on August 23, exactly 5 days after being put in isolation. Almost all of the family regretted the actions of the medical officers who convicted my grandfather’s disease status as being infected with COVID-19. We were all heartbroken. Why is it easy for someone to be declared affected by COVID-19?