Life has taught me to value everything, learn to be stronger, and never give up even if the path is always cloudy. I am a young man of 25 years, my name is Jerson P., born in a city where the landscapes are beautiful and have many parks, in Bucaramanga, Colombia. I want to begin to tell you that despite the situation of COVID-19; my life, my dreams, my passions, and everything I do change forever.

This situation changed to tell me “take advantage of the time, enjoy it, renew yourself and start again”. I wanted to take off so many loads related to my work (I usually do more than I should in my work), waste so much time on things that are not worth it, and understand that nobody knows what is going to happen about the COVID; however, I understand that we must value nature more, value the people around us in our daily lives and share more with the family. I understand life from many perspectives and sacrifice everything to achieve change and more to contribute to a society that is optimistic because for decades and years it has sunk in a monotony of impatience that has not progressed.

Life goes further. That is to say, I found peace and understand myself, because I am like an ant, working non-stop and I have understood thanks to this situation that the meaning of life is to smile, remember life experiences and never forget. It’s time to think, be creative, listen to the sounds, capture the moments, smell exquisite flavors, laugh at my silly things, give more hugs, experience things that I have never dared and live life with words that express how capable I am. Because everything has a purpose, regardless of adversity, turbulence, and fear, because we not only want knowledge of the future, we want to protect, advance and progress. If we can!