Hi. I am Lida V. from Moscow, Russia. Basically, I belong to Ukraine but currently, I am residing in Russia. I am a musician, mechanic, art lover, and home philosopher.

This quarantine became really useful for me when I decided to start learning what I want. I decided to be a designer and now I learn a lot of interesting subjects like the history of art and composition. Also, I’m doing two projects for my university. And this time was really useful. Sometimes I miss my family because I live in Moscow, Russia and they live in Odessa, Ukraine. But my life has changed a lot. I have had time to appreciate myself and other people who are close to my heart.

People are facing issues financially but that’s not the issue in my case. If I have to buy groceries and stuff I can go to the store near my place. I’m a freelancer and my parents support me too. That I have no problem with money. Just I can’t meet my friends and we can’t go to the cinema or cafe, it’s a pity. But we will wait until this pandemic ends.

And I want to go to Odessa in the summer but I don’t know about the borders if they will be open or not. And it’s really making me bored because I’ve not seen my family since October.