As her daughter, I will be speaking for a little bit of this story. I’m Angela and this story is about my mom. A little back story about my mom: She is a very hard-working woman. She is the person who, being a single parent, kept a roof over my head, she worked two jobs just to put me through college and has tried to still be a supporting parent despite our relationship. COVID-19 is the cause of her losing a second job. Now I will let my mom take over the rest of her story.

Hello, so I would be working in one of those big stadiums that hosted concerts and basketball games. This stadium is pretty famous in Houston and it attracted a lot of concerts and basketball games. The second job I had was the only thing to help me stay stable with paying my bills. Losing it caused a lot of stress upon me because I just have one job now. My main job does help, but I can’t really get many things without the extra money there to help take care of my necessities.

As a mother you should understand how working more than one job is the only way to give your daughter the things she wants just like going out to eat at restaurants or buying her clothes. I do get easily stressed, and having high blood pressure does not really help me. I believe COVID-19 made the stress worse. I am just hoping with everything going on that it gets better. At the same time, I try to find peace within the chaos of the pandemic.