Hello friends, my name is Edwin A. I am a Colombian professional. I am 39 years old and I have been living in Santiago de Chile for approximately 7 years. The impact of this pandemic on our families has always been significant. In the beginning, the anxiety to avoid the contagion and to look with caution at the people who we were approaching, the social isolation … has always been significant in our lives, that to think about what is coming, it is quite difficult to think about it still …

The most benefited with the COVID-19 in our family have been our pets, they do not separate from us. Life for them changed a lot, in another way totally, they were already used to us going out to work, to being alone and waiting until the evening or until the night for us to return, now they have no anxiety to get up and if they get up they go directly to lie on our legs, they don’t have to be at the door waiting for one of us to arrive.

Life has been complicated, but we have to adapt to it, this is an adaptation with the COVID-19, maybe it will last a few years, months, or a little more, we don’t really know.

We are totally closed here, but with the hope that this will change the lives of people, because already, our lives have changed. We are a little more tolerant. We were not used to being locked up, much less getting to know each other a little more and enduring each other, but still … the benefits and the change that we hope for humanity is quite great, I have already changed, I hope that it has changed you too.