Today I will share with you a story of my friend who lives in Toronto, Canada, and has been badly affected by COVID-19. She was eight months pregnant when she contracted the deadly virus in January 2021. Surprisingly, she was taking all the necessary precautions and staying indoors to remain extra careful and vigilant.

It was a tumultuous time for her and her family because her oxygen saturation was getting low (below 92) for which reason, she was facing breathing difficulties. To add to the stress, she was equally worried about her unborn baby and his wellbeing. Her husband was the only person who was looking after her because both of them had isolated themselves for the next 14 days. The worst part about being infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy is that you are unable to ingest any medicines to avoid complications for the baby. Luckily, the hospitals in Canada were able to provide her with virtual advice and treatment through audio and video call sessions. Later, her husband also got the virus from her but fortunately, he was an asymptomatic patient. The question later arose as to how did my friend even contract COVID-19 when she was being this extra vigilant? Well, we will never be able to identify the exact source but it was inferred that the virus could have entered their house along with the groceries that were being ordered online.

Therefore, everyone should be more careful about daily groceries as new variants are being discovered. Those who are expecting or are near to giving birth to newborns, please be very careful about going out, even to the doctors since ingesting COVID-19 medications cannot be an option for you. If possible, ask the doctors to set an online appointment with the hospital. It is very important that this virus does not affect the newborn too. I hope these suggestions will come in handy for expectant mothers.