When I first heard about COVID-19 I took it lightly, because I never understood how devastating it would have been. It first became serious to me when I realized that I was going to lose my job because the hotel would have to close down since traveling became silent. People no longer had freedom of movement which opened my eyes to the reality of what was occurring worldwide.

After being severed from my job, the home life was more of a nightmare than comfort because there were moments when I thought I had the coronavirus. I would constantly have a sore throat which caused me to drink and consume various herbs and hot water which scorched my throat even more. This further increased my thoughts of the sore throat symptom associated with the virus. I was now prompted to take more drastic measures such as steaming, using peppermint oil, and other possible treatments that I saw and researched online.

My throat continued to irritate me so much so that I had to call my doctor. I was hit with a boulder when she said to me that all facilities were closed and she was unable to help. I stood in the street, teary-eyed. I felt there was nowhere to turn. My heart was broken at the thought of the fact that the one person I could get help from was unavailable to me. I was afraid of going to the hospital to be met with the news of contracting the virus. Fortunately, my symptoms were a result of the panicking that was in and around me. The words ‘curfew,’ ‘quarantine,’ ‘corona,’ ‘covid,’ ‘social distancing,’ ‘masks,’ etc. now became a natural part of life. Family and friends were no longer welcome as we had to abide by the rules of social distancing.

Over time, lives have been lost, thousands recovered, quarantine became more relaxed and institutions began to reopen. To this day, with all the information gained and all the time that has passed, I am more tranquil but still careful to follow the protocols. Now the thought of whether or not to take the vaccine has become the new norm.