Hello everyone, my name is Shahinur A., and I am from Manikganj, Bangladesh. I am a student and work as a freelancer.

As a response to COVID-19 Bangladesh government has shutdown every academic institution. As a result I am home and doing freelancing all day. I am indoors about one month and I don’t know how many days I have to be indoor for COVID-19. I get up late in the morning and going to sleep late at night. I work all day and play video games all night. That’s what I do now. I know that’s affect my health badly but there is nothing else to do.

But general people don’t seem to understand the importance of staying indoors. They often try to go outside and do different things. Our national forces try their best to keep general people indoors. Now they are trying their maximum effort to keep us indoors.

The students are very happy for the suspension of classes till further notice. They don’t have to attend the classes. But they will also feel bored after a bit of time. Because  staying home for long time is not a good thing to do. My little sister is a student of class 5 and she doesn’t want to read after all. But now she is reading some time because of the bore.  She often tells me that, “I am going to study because I am bored of doing the same thing long time.”

I am concluding my story saying that if we want to be safe from the COVID-19 then we need to stay home and stay safe.