I am a city guy but 3 years ago I decided to leave my comfort for a hard nature life in the south of Chile. I’ve been living in a small town called Pucón which is close to a volcano, a beautiful lake, and big rivers. The only thing that you can call a big city is Temuco and it is an hour of distance, but anyway, my town has everything that I need.

I am a chef and I used to work in restaurants and for big companies but I stopped because they were unfair to me so I became independent by the sale of my food to hospitals and schools. Because of this pandemic, my business went broke and I had to stop going out because we need a permit to go outside. My town became a ghost town and it seems to me that it is really crazy how this new order affected everything that I used to call normal life.

Nowadays I’m working in my humble house, feeding my dogs and birds, spending time with my girlfriend, reading a lot, and eating healthy. I created a house for my chickens and a greenhouse. Leaving the fact that I’m broke and I have debts, I feel grateful to be living in the countryside by having an eco lifetime where I can walk in my green backyard every day and because there is almost nobody around I can go further without using a mask and put my feet in the really cold lake. I keep my mind busy so I don’t have depression. I hope that there is a cure soon for a virus that can die just by washing my hands.