Christabel is my name and I am a newlywed, it’s every girl’s dream to get married and start a new life, plans, goals and a brighter future are all on the list.

COVID-19 has forced me to stay indoors, I had goals that I can no longer meet, our lives are at a standstill before we could even begin to explore and achieve any goals we had set for ourselves. This virus became our biggest obstacle. On the other hand, I am still a Bachelor of  Arts in Human Resources student in my first year at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) and now due to the coronavirus lectures were suspended till further notice, exams cancelled and this is a major setback in obtaining my degree, I do not even know when we will commence and this means that the degree will take longer to obtain.

Being a young couple all this is stressful and hectic, we wanted to achieve so much for ourselves but now we don’t even know what’s going to happen after this, worry is all I carry with me now, COVID-19 has its own way of causing a big stir in life. I wish that God could make this go away and life can go on for us all, I do not like to be scared and clueless about what happens next.

On a positive note, my husband and I are together throughout the entire lockdown, it’s comforting, we play indoor games and try to keep ourselves occupied at all times.