Hello. Good night. At first, it was a rumor, we laughed and mocked the situation, then a reality, then tears and sadness. Today uncertainty and desolation, but we haven’t even taken to the streets yet to face the real reality. And so it will be the rest of our existence.

Now I’m afraid of dying…and even worse… I’m more afraid of infecting those I love. It’s such a difficult and antagonist situation that I don’t even know how to deal with it. Someone used a selfish phrase in the beginning but today it becomes strong. He said, “there’s nothing different here than…save yourself who you can,” and today I think it takes effect.

I’ll try to take care of myself, still locked up. Have the least contact with the outside world for as long as necessary, because of how things are happening, the coronavirus will dwell among us for good weather. Then with the indiscipline of people, the dilemma of starving or getting the coronavirus and voracious appetite of an economic class to continue to produce money. Today I’m afraid of dying or that because of me someone might die.

COVID-19 has taught me to be a better human being… to realize how vulnerable, the weak, and the real heat of money… to realize that what matters is what we despise and forget before. To realize that the world has changed and that we must take advantage of every second of our lives. To seize the new opportunities, to fight for our dreams, and not to forget that the family is the most important than children farther and farther away from our lives. They will always be our children, our blood, our reason for existing and survival. Today the world has changed and if we haven’t noticed yet… it wasn’t worth living.