I was COVID-19 positive. This was actually the first time I became afraid for my life, aside from seeing other health workers dying, I do not know what disease I am fighting. I am also affected because I am away from my family and my loved ones.

It was not easy for me to accept the fact that I was infected and I was a carrier. I was afraid of how my loved ones would accept my situation. It felt like I am being torn. I was just cheering myself that I could do it -just to feel better, but deep inside, I was not. I was afraid of all the uncertainties that may happen to me.

Until one night, I experienced shortness of breath and chest pains, I cried, to the point that I was afraid to sleep because I worried I might not wake up. This is the disease, the virus that the whole world is afraid of. With the help of God, I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid. He won’t forsake me.

I am thankful for everyone who helped me. I hope people will support health workers. I am back to work, I am a nurse again and I will not regret this.