I am confused about what sentence to start. I want to tell you a lot here.

I am Diviana D. I live in Sandik Village, Kecamatan Gunung Sari-West Lombok Regency. At the end of March 29, 2020. A 72-year-old Papuq (grandmother) died in our village. Papuq was found dead after a neighbor smelled a foul odor from the direction of her house. Neighbors find out what happened. After the door to her house was opened it turned out to be above the only bed, Papuq’s body lay dead. This makes the neighbors busy taking care of it. This Papuq is named Habibah. She lived alone without anyone. Her husband Hasan died 5 years ago. Her only son, Zulkarnain, lives in Malaysia as a laborer on oil palm plantations. Her son could not come because of the COVID-19 situation.

Finally, the village caretaker buried her without being able to tell her child. Papuq was then buried only by 3 people. No community member accompanied the corpse, because they were worried about COVID-19. Really a sad reality for me.

Apparently, Papuq was not dead because of COVID-19. Village officials who examined the rumah, got the fact that nothing was left of food seen. There is no rice and no food ingredients. This is the result of COVID-19, a neighbor, no one cares about each other. This is one of the tragedies of humanity, in this century.


Editor’s note: Diviana refers to rumah in her last paragraph. We looked it up – it is the Indonesian language noun for home or house.