I am in Brazil, this is chaotic, there is no safe place. Everything is uncertain and the scarcity is notorious. I am Tiago, a few months ago I worked in gardening and in my work I was paid, I never lacked work and therefore my livelihood and that of my family was assured.

At night I wake up and I think I am living a nightmare, I would like to wake up and think that it was just a bad dream and that the COVID-19 has gone down in history, but unfortunately, it is not like that and every day we move towards the abyss. The shortage of food, the lack of money because there is no work, the excess leads us to madness.

Thus we implement all the disinfection measures and other use of implements but we do not see improvement and more and more cases increase. My girl already wants to go out to play and go to school with her friends, my mother wants me to visit her, my friends want to meet, but it has to be postponed due to this pandemic. To make matters worse, government aid never arrives and the lines for the delivery of the markets are endless, but we must spend hours and hours in a market for things that last just 15 days.

From tomorrow I must go home to take care of my gardens, even if my fees are not canceled, I must feel useful and continue with our life, we cannot fail and continue with all the care required so that this virus does not affect us and take care of our beloved ones.