It affects everything in our lives. How we function, how we manage to deal with everyday challenges and nothing is more important than being healthy. I wasn’t very aware of this fact until COVID-19 came into my life.

My grandparents don’t live with me and I usually go to visit them twice a month. I do not intentionally neglect them, I just spend most of my time working and going out with my friends and my girlfriend.

My uncle had symptoms and when they told him he was negative, my aunt went to see my grandparents. After two days they began to have a high temperature and went to see their doctor. My grandfather got better with the medicine he was taking, but that wasn’t the case with my grandmother. The medicine didn’t help and she lost sense of smell and taste, she wasn’t able to get out of bed or have the energy to do anything. She began to receive infusions, but at that time there was a curfew in our country. The doctors didn’t care and told them that they had to go to the hospital during the curfew. They don’t have a car and we couldn’t drive them because we could get symptoms and there wasn’t a cab.

Luckily, they met a man at the hospital who was also receiving infusions and he was driving them back and forth until my grandmother got better. If they didn’t manage to get there, I do not know how the whole situation would have ended, it was obvious that the doctors would not have helped them.