March 2021, was the month that proved a nightmare for us. The whole family of our close family friends got affected by COVID-19.

The grandpa of the family was feeling pain in his muscles. The family was thinking that it might be normal, however, he had pain for three days continuously. Then he started showing some other symptoms of COVID-19 as well. So they called the testing teams to their home to get the samples of grandpa. They took his samples and recommended the whole family to get tested to be on a safe. The test results came out and all of them tested positive. The uncle, aunt, and their two teen-aged boys.

Since grandpa’s symptoms were getting severe. And all of us were really concerned about his health condition. That’s why on the doctor’s consultation he was shifted to hospital. The other family members showed no apparent symptoms except sleepless nights and occasional body pains so they were advised to be isolated and stay at home. During this period, they followed COVID-19 Standing Operating Procedures properly and used prescribed medicines and they followed a healthy diet to treat the symptoms. Although they were advised to isolate for fourteen days the doctors extended this period to twenty days.

Then they got tested again and the test results came out negative. The grandpa was also feeling well, he was tested for COVID-19 and fortunately, his immune system fought well with the virus. He recovered completely and came back home safely.