Lockdown in my own words has been frustrating and devastating but with God’s grace, I was able to pull positivity out of the frustrating situation. Hunger and boredom were sure things one couldn’t avoid from the first few weeks. It was maintainable but after a month without working, it became a different story due to less income and more expenses, as the price of things kept increasing, making it difficult to feed.

Firstly, I got to understand that there were a lot of hidden lies in truth; freedom isn’t free and there was more to our time than the internet, so I spent most of my time studying even as I tried to work towards being positive each day I woke to know we’re still in lockdown and the government owned the streets. Due to less action and more voices of the people around the globe, I got weak at some point.

Time passed and we got to the third month sitting inside one’s house, getting more used to every corner and areas you didn’t even pay attention to before. Things got harder but also I became more focused because there was no money to subscribe to my phone and even if there was, I wanted to eat the first thing ringing in my head. I got used to the hunger. I made use of the strength I had left to work more on my existence, getting to understand that to preach love has always been the mission for our existence but we’ve always been blindfolded from our early childhood, and that had made it very hard to understand.

Secondly, I got to believe more in my passion and understand that it is much easier to love and train your passion than chasing after attention because most of the time that won’t last a lifetime.