I live in a place near my university and go to my hometown at least every fortnight. When the pandemic started early this year, I was in my dorm and I’d just got back from my hometown. Since then I have not gone back home. I miss my family.

I am even scared to go out as police officers are always around and they are confronting people who are roaming around. Sometimes even if you have a good reason to be out, they wouldn’t care. They are trying to have no people at all on the streets but it is impossible as we have to buy food in the stores. What’s worse is the confrontation sometimes ends up being a fight with the police officers and when you give your reasons they will start hitting you even when it is valid. It is never fair! I would understand if they only do that to people who are really stubborn and have really no valid business being on the streets at all but sometimes even the ones who do are mistakenly being hit.

As per my experience, if I was not carrying my groceries and my pass, I would end up getting beaten. The police officer was about to if I hadn’t been able to convince him. It was hard, it was an awful experience. When I’d used up my groceries and had to go back to the store, I made sure to buy twice as much so I wouldn’t encounter those officers because you can never know if they are going to beat you or not.

I’ve lost track of time just staying in my dorm and I just want to go home. It is hard as there’s no transportation that I can use to go home but I’m praying that this will just end.