My name is Haris and I’m a software engineer. We are under lockdown since March. The situation is very critical in our country. The government took few steps and imposed a lockdown. Many hospitals have been requisitioned for quarantine purposes. Every person who has come from other areas or countries was sent directly to quarantine, their families were not allowed to meet with them.

The government has a blanket message for us to stay at home. There is a specific time from 09.00 am to 10.00 am for older people to go out if needed. Social distancing, wearing masks and even gloves is in practice and this is what we do when we go to the shop to buy necessary stuff or grocery. Public transport is not allowed. There are police barricades to stop drivers and pedestrians.

What I learned in this COVID-19 is to do something productive while staying at home. I have started doing some online digital marketing courses. It makes me happy and busy in my daily routine. It’s a time to spend quality time with your family. Keep hydrated and sanitize our hands. We should have taken the issue seriously since the moment WHO declared the pandemic. As the lockdown extends from week to week and might escalate from month to month, the threat of losing jobs goes up.

That’s all I wanted to share with you. In the end, I pray and hope that the world recovers from this pandemic soon and life goes back to normal as we had it before.

Stay Safe Stay Home! Thank You!