Hi everyone, I am Mongol and I belong from Mandra. I belong to a middle-class family from Pakistan. Well, my father always wanted me to take my studies seriously but I was more into sports. I never took my studies seriously and as a result, I failed badly for three consecutive years. My parents did not allow me to pursue sports and I have to find a job so I tried and got a job as a security worker.

I work far from home and also stay at my workplace. I go to my house every weekend. I was on my job when the government imposed lockdown due to COVID-19. We were not allowed to go home and also not to go even outside for our security and also others as well.  Although we don’t have any work these days, still we cannot leave.

With the passage of time, I realized that I have to make this free time productive so I decided to start learning how to cook. I ask my mother on the phone if I need any guidance but generally, I make my own recipes, as I don’t like following other tastes. I believe that everyone’s taste is different so I make my own recipes and the fun part is sometimes I just start cooking and I don’t have any idea how I will cook. I just make stuff while I am cooking and guess what? I did not mess it up yet.

I miss my family a lot and I pray that this chaos ends so I could visit my family.