My name is Tabea, I am 25 years old. I’m a graphic designer. As for my situation with the COVID-19, to a large extent, I say that quarantine is boring since my day to day is the same. I do not do different activities, I am not meeting new people, new places, I stay every day in my pajamas or clothes to be at home, I do not physically fix the same as before to go to work or a date with friends, I cannot visit my grandmother with the same frequency, because I am afraid that on the way I could get infected, and I am more afraid of infecting my grandmother who is an older person.

Despite all that, we can also enjoy quarantining in other ways, of course, with caution; activities like spending quality time with the family and having other deeper and more interesting conversations. Personally, since in the hustle and bustle and daily responsibilities that I had before this pandemic, I thought that I could not waste my time sharing with my family because I had many things to do and to occupy my thoughts. Yes, I know that sounds like I am a cruel and calculating being, and well yes, I accept that sometimes in our lives without realizing it we can become like that.

Thanks to this pandemic, I have been able to talk to my family about many topics that I did not dare before because of grief or fear of what they would say, I have been able to tell them about my feelings, problems, worries, and dreams. This frees me up, makes me feel freer with myself. Well, I don’t have to carry those things alone anymore.

I had also always wanted to be a good reader, in this time of quarantine (which is no longer quarantine but a new lifestyle) I have bought and downloaded books of my interest, which have also helped me a lot, since I firmly believe in librotherapy, since to a large extent human beings are the books we read.

Likewise, I always had an interest in practicing yoga, I had this interest several years ago, but I had never dared to do it. My mind thought I was so busy with the mundane things in life, that I didn’t have time to practice this beautiful discipline which I am trying to practice daily, at least 15 minutes when I wake up, and I have felt very good. Since you manage to release a lot of muscle tension. I love that!