Hi guys, I’m Joshua, from Australia. I’m a programmer. And in this time of the pandemic, I am grateful to the universe because in my country the situation is good if you compare it with the rest of the world. In Australia, the government’s management of this pandemic has been good, and at the same time, most people have been aware of the big risk, so we were at home in the beginning. In general, the situation is calmer right now. In the state where I live, we are already in the third phase of lifting the quarantine measures and return to normal life.

My life has not had great changes, but it has had them on a personal level. I am now more aware of the value of life, the life of my parents, and that of my friends. I’m now also aware of the importance of sharing valuable time with my family and the significance that social networks have. I have changed my habits, I no longer spend so much time on my cell phone in non-meaningful things, looking at the lives of others, now I am more concerned with life, and taking more advantage of real life, than the one behind a cell phone or computer screen.

I have taken more time to exercise, to strengthen my body, I now have better eating habits and since my work is more flexible I can work from home so I have more control over my time, and I like that!  This has also led me to wonder if I want to continue working so many hours, I have wondered if it is worth it -is it worth sacrificing your time, your health, your sleep schedule, and your body all for a good remuneration of money? Is it worth having a good job, dressing up in designer clothes to make it clear to your friends that you are financially stable? Is it worth being in that competition? These are questions thanks to this situation, I ask myself on a daily basis.