Greetings to the readers out there, my name is Shrawan and I’m a content writer in a private company. The outbreak of COVID 19 has affected me a lot in these last four weeks.

Our government announced that there would be a total lockdown almost four weeks ago. It was quite shocking to most people especially the daily wage workers. Office employees like me had the same routine but they had to carry out the operations from home. I have been working from home since the lockdown. I realized it is quite difficult to stay at home and having to do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is a tiring job.

I engage myself in working out, playing games, reading books, cooking, and watching videos. I try to pass my time productively. Sometimes it is very challenging to get basic amenities to the home as there’s strict regulation and the police are in surveillance. People are still loitering outside despite the lockdown. The mass is quite worried as the money flow has stopped. They know that the economy is going downhill and this can be a major problem in the times to come. Each passing day is a new challenge for them. However, it’s very pleasing to hear that nature is blooming as there are no human activities. I hope when this comes to an end, humans don’t take this for granted.