In this time of loneliness and uncertainty, the vulnerability felt in the situation we live in makes us think how valuable life and time are. I have been able to reflect on the moments that I have lost valuable time with my family, my girlfriend, or my friends for doing things that at the time I felt forced to do just to appear with the society, things like attending social gatherings, parties, to encounters with people who are not really my friends, just to look good. And waste time with people who deserve all my time and love. As is my family.

Since due to this pandemic I have not been able to return to my country Colombia and I am in the United States, since it has been impossible to obtain a flight. So I have had to live with my loneliness, in a country that I love, respect, and appreciate. But the fact of spending more than 3 months alone in a small apartment has not been emotionally easy.

So loneliness is without a doubt the best teacher, and I have had enough time to reflect on many aspects of my life. And I conclude that the opportunities are few. And one of the things that I want to do in the not too distant future is to think more about my family and my close friends. Feeling lucky with what I have and giving thanks.

Now is and will be the true reunion with the fundamentals. From now on I want to think differently, as I said earlier, prioritize the important things in my life, give weight to what is truly significant, I think that I and the whole world will breathe differently, and we will give much more value to even the smallest detail of each of our daily routines.

Now we will know what is really necessary, what is important and what is valuable!